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Secure attachment has at least three functions:

  1. Provides a sense of safety and security
  2. Regulates emotions, by soothing distress, creating joy, and supporting calm
  3. Offers a secure base from which to explore Divecha (2017)
Attachment is about the child’s ability to learn how to regulate their emotions through the safety of an adult who is able to co-regulate with them and the inherent safety provided.

“Babies want YOU to:
Be with them,
Cuddle them,
Coo with them,
Love them.”
Veronica Lawrence 2015

The Northamptonshire Baby Room Project© aims to raise the quality of babies’ experiences by strengthening relationships between practitioners and babies, and parents and their babies. A fun, sustainable and an exciting project, it enlightens practitioners and parents about babies’ brain development and emotional health. Practitioners working with young infants are empowered and become confident and passionate about their important work. How people play, love and interact with babies is key to building quality relationships, strengthening security and growing physically and emotionally healthy babies.


'The needs of all children in their early years can be summed up quite simply – the need for affection and nurturing care from adults who are responsive, kind and loving.’
Maria Robinson (2009) Foreword to The Northamptonshire Baby Room Project©


'Babies don't do anything, do they?'

We want to challenge this view of babies.

Babies are amazing. A baby’s brain is a powerful organ. Every experience a baby has shapes their brain. Raising quality of relationships between practitioners and babies, parents and babies will build a sense of safety and security. The ability to regulate behaviour and emotions means a child is better able to relate to others and be more able to manage pre and early school settings (Tayler, 2015.)

The brain grows all the time, even during sleep. We want practitioners and parents to become more in tune with babies, noticing where they look, imagining how babies may be feeling and putting this into words, understanding how simple handmade ideas bring fantastic rewards.

What babies crave is interaction, they crave people loving them, playing with them, talking with them and being interested in them.

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