Immediate changes in practice in Baby Rooms has been consistent during training in the Northamptonshire Baby Room Project including

  • Increase in status of those working with babies
  • Visible rather than invisible
  • Babies left to cry less often
  • Shoes off policies introduced
  • Babies sleeping and playing outdoors
  • Increased interaction between practitioners and babies by being tuned into them
  • Resources allocated to change baby room environment
  • Using the resources made in session to play with babies
  • Nappy changing an opportunity for interaction and play rather than conveyor belt routine
  • More relaxed with staff recognising their stress points and helping each other
  • People talking knowledgeably with their colleagues and parents about the importance of loving and playing with babies and how every experience builds connections in their brains - babies and their own!
  • Increased confidence with parents
  • Increased interest and enthusiasm about babies
  • Imagination in designing play with babies, more singing and laughing

If you were to visit settings we worked with five years ago they are still talking about the baby room project, they are still making changes in their practice. In some settings it is embedded in their practice, practitioners and managers saying this is how we work, we have a dedicated budget. “I did the Northamptonshire Baby Room Project four or five years ago and still use the information. I am able to remember the details about brain development and how important it is for us (practitioners) to attune sensitively to babies in our care. It was the best course I have been on as I was able to go away and change things immediately and have remembered details after all these years! Are you going to put on an advanced course” Senior practitioner in Little Learners, Corby, January 2017

Hundreds of practitioners have attended the Northamptonshire Baby Room Project© since its inception, including early years practitioners, in Northamptonshire psychologists, portage workers, health visitors, social workers, voluntary sector, child minders. The programmes are always full, evaluations always positive and change sustained. This has resulted in an indirect reach to thousands of infants and young children whose experiences of childcare have been enhanced as a result of this programme.

People's energy levels shifted with the excitement.

How people interact with babies is highlighted in The Northamptonshire Baby Room Project, rather than just what toys are being used, or what the room looks like.

What babies crave is interaction, they crave people playing with them, appropriately communicating with them, being interested in them and loving them.

What the baby room project provided people with was a framework to go away and develop things and be creative.
The Northamptonshire Baby Room Project© practitioners’ and The Northamptonshire Baby Room Project© parents’ programmes are practical interventions for activating and bringing alive the 1001 Critical Days Manifesto aims. The Northamptonshire Baby Room Project© Practitioners’ and The Northamptonshire Baby Room Project© parents’ programmes have a key place in the strategy for achieving the aims of the 10001 Critical days Manifesto, particularly in Northamptonshire, providing practical and accessible materials that have demonstrably changed practice. The Northamptonshire Baby Room Project promotes contexts for “every baby to receive sensitive, appropriate and responsive care” (1001 Critical Days Manifesto – see below), both from paid carers and parents.

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